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Free Catholic Bibles

When looking for free Catholic Bibles it is important to keep in mind several factors. For example, it must be a Bible which contains the Deutero-Canonical Books (referred to by others as Apocryphal). In addition, one must decide what type of Bible is desired. A print Bible? An audio Bible? In this article, I will discuss the best places to find free Catholic Bibles.

In terms of a print version, the most obvious translations that come to mind are the New American Bible and the New Revised Standard Version. These texts each contain all of the books recognized by the Roman Catholic Church as scripture. The New American Bible is an explicitly Catholic translation, whereas the New Revised Standard Version is an ecumenical translation amenable to both Catholic and non-Catholic readers alike. I am unaware of any possibility of getting a free hard copy, print version of these translations; however, print versions are viewable online. For the best place to view the New American Bible online for free, I would recommend the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Not only does this site contain the New American Bible, but also this text is broken down into lectionary readings for each day making this site unique for free Catholic Bibles.


For an online viewable text of the New Revised Standard Version, the best site is Bible.Oremus.org. The text is not nearly as easy to use as other online Bibles that I have viewed; however, it is difficult to find the New Revised Standard Version elsewhere. This translation is often the preferred one for academic discourse and as such is highly respectable. Thus, while the interface may not be very pleasing, it is worth dealing with the site to read this version for free.

Finally, it is also possible to get a free audio version of these texts. Whether unfortunately or not, the free versions are available by means of a trial. Through a trial program the entire New American Bible is available as a free download. In contrast, only the New Testament books are available for the New Revised Standard version, still free with trial. I am unaware of any sites that might stream audio of these texts for free though this a common practice with many of the Protestant translations. Thus, a trial may be the best and only way to listen to free Catholic Bibles in audio format.

Free Catholic Bibles

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Jeremy Thompson is a Doctoral Student in Biblical Languages and Graduate level Instructor of Old Testament.

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