Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Step By Step BMX Tricks

If you are a BMX freak, you should learn the tricks in the step by step process.

Before performing those dangerous stunts, you should have a complete knowledge of it. Every technical aspect should be clear to you.

The first thing you need to learn is a Bike. You should not choose a bike based on how it looks. Technically, all bikes are different. If you feel confused, you should regularly read reviews about it on Internet.


When it comes to performing the trick, do not go to advance tricks first.

All BMX tricks can be classified into three types. These types are beginner level, medium level, and advance level tricks.

Tricks like bar turn, and kick out can be tried easily. They come under beginner level techniques.

Once you become acquainted with the initial tricks, you can go for middle level tricks like one-handler, one-footer and 180.

But, remember that middle level techniques require good practice, and concentration. You can enjoy them when you perform them. However, you should learn how to be safe as well.

When you feel you are comfortable, you can go for advanced techniques.

These techniques are somewhat difficult.

They can injure you, if not performed properly. You should perform these tricks only under the observation of an experienced person who can guide you.

Tricks like 360 are called 'advanced level tricks'. Before performing these tricks, you should first perform them on the ground. Perform them in the air later on.

This is the ideal strategy to perform step by step BMX tricks.

Step By Step BMX Tricks

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