Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm Skinny But Still Look Fat, I Look So Bloated! Why Have I Got This Fat Stomach?

How is it possible? I weigh under 8 stone (112lbs.) yet I still look fat! My stomach is permanently bloated and I look about 5 months pregnant! I eat healthily. I rarely touch junk food. I never eat after 5pm yet by evening my stomach is huge!

That was me for more years than I care to remember. I'd get on the scales every morning and peer in the mirror thinking I looked okay, then by midday my stomach would start to swell. I chose my meals with care eating as little as possible. I followed the rule to eat like a king in the morning and a pauper at night. I took up karate then 'went for the burn' with the Jane Fonda routine. I tried exercise bikes, rowing machines, toning tables, slender tone pads. You name it - I tried it. Anything to get rid of that damned fat belly but all to no avail.


Every day was the same. A slim silhouette in the morning, a bloated stomach by evening. I could do more crunches and leg raises (with ankle weights) than anyone I knew but my shape remained the same. I consulted doctors and underwent several unpleasant, invasive hospital tests to try and establish the cause of my bloating. Nothing could be found. I followed diets recommended by registered nutritionists. Still no success. I chewed charcoal tablets, drank peppermint tea and popped endless anti spasmodic pills in my search for a cure but the result was always the same. No change.

In the end I decided to find a solution myself and embarked on a radical elimination diet. I kept a diary and set up charts and literally lived for 5 days on nothing more than cornflakes and milk. Probably not the healthiest option, I grant you, however by the end of those 5 days my stomach was the flattest it had been in years. I then gradually began re-introducing foods one by one and noting down any bloating that occurred. As time went on a pattern emerged and I discovered that I could pinpoint the main cause of my bloating to a single ingredient in my diet.

Since that time my body image has changed completely and I have been able to control my bloated stomach. Sure I still have 'fat days' but at least now I have the knowledge to choose whether to live with occasional bloating or not. Strangely enough, now that I know how to control it I am less bothered when my stomach does bloat from time to time because I know I can get rid of it quickly by eliminating the troublesome foods. It all comes down to the old adage about 'knowledge being a wonderful thing'.

If anything about my story strikes a chord with you take a look at my website for more information about The Flat Stomach Diet.

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I'm Skinny But Still Look Fat, I Look So Bloated! Why Have I Got This Fat Stomach?

Elizabeth Hartley is the author and creator of The Flat Stomach Diet. This diet plan is the result of many years of research after consultation with doctors and professional nutritionists in an effort to discover the causes of painful abdominal cramps and bloating. The findings are based on personal experience after undergoing numerous medical tests and procedures and failing to find any other alternative long term solution. Details of The Flat Stomach Diet can be found at

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