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Motorbike Restoration

Motorbike Restoration might sound a little weird for most of us. But in reality, it is a field which makes a perfect hobby for versatile people. Motorbike Restoration is not a spend activity. It is an investment since your restored bikes will always have an increase in value and yield better profits in future.

Many accessory shops make a business out of it by knowing something about motorbike restoration. Very few have mastered this art and crave for perfection in the field of motorbike restoration.


Motorbike Restoration - Art of Re-creating a Baby

The three basic things for any motorbike restoration project are:

  1. The engine

  2. The frame

  3. Manufacturer's parts book

Consider your bike like a baby. Imagine you had a chance at re-creating a baby, motorbike restoration is a bit like having the opportunity to re-create a perfect baby.

Consider the engine and frame to be the heart of the baby. The parts book which has the exploded diagrams is the baby's heart. This is where the craftsmanship of a motorbike restorer adds value. With strong expertise in the field of restoration, you will find that a restorer will understand the internal dynamics of a bike. Then with good quality craftsmanship you can ensure that all the parts of the bike are mechanically polished and replaced. With an end to end quality check, your bike will be superior to showroom quality.

Top 10 Motorbike Restoration Tips from the experts:

  1. Get your motor cleaned and if it is older enough, get it re-built

  2. The bright metal parts have to be mechanically polished

  3. Examine your frame for cracks, twists, acid damage. Get the welding proper if needed

  4. Get your frame dry assembled along with the cleaned or newly re-built engine

  5. Go for stainless steel bolts since cadmium bolts will rust under dampen conditions

  6. Replace every nut and bolt for every section of the bike except the engine and frame

  7. Check your forks for wear and tear. Your forks should also be straight

  8. Replace your shock absorbers if needed. This must be easy as shocks for all brands are easily available in the market

  9. Replace your tyres if needed, preferably with a modern one which is made in the same country

  10. After restoration, make sure that you ride your bike. Without riding your bike and checking the quality of the restoration, you will have to restore the bike again sooner rather than later

These are the basic things which need to be considered when a motorbike is restored. Anyone can restore a bike with these tips. But restoring the motorbike with an art of perfection needs an expert.

If the motorbike restoration is done perfect, you will be flashed backed into the past where you and your bike were young. After all, you can see the value of your motorbike increasing faster than your stocks!

Motorbike Restoration

Classic and Motorbike Repairs and Restoration

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