Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bianchi Road Bikes - Selection of the sample

Bianchi road bike is one of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers. An Italian based manufacturer of bicycles, and on the market since 1885. Bianchi bikes are well known for its technological development. And 'certain that if you buy form Bianchi road bike, the bike would certainly ensure the best performance.

Bianchi road bikes can be used for both professional and amateur cyclists, runners or cyclists. No matter what may be your state of motionBianchi certainly will appeal. And then, you do not have to worry about the price of this legendary road cycling. These bikes go from bike to bike half price at the top of the line.


They come in different styles. These styles will depend on the needs of cyclists and capacity. Some have the classic look, some serious and some are made of steel. But, of course, everything depends on the need and ability of the rider. Call it Whiteit.

The bike is available in San Lorenzo complete set of Dura Ace 20-speed. It has the classic look that most bikers are looking for. This style of bike has a tube top and a scandium frame. Of all the road bikes this is the easiest.

Bianchi FG Lite has nearly the same characteristics as San Lorenzo. However, he frameset, a foam-enhanced hyper-links. In addition, with the tubes for maximum weight reduction, strength, and areRobustness.

Brava, on the other side of the road is an entry-level racing bike. He made a steel frame and a suspension seat post. Compared with other species of the Bianchi Brava is heavier. However, it seems to be more affordable.

For the riders of the Tour de France, as Danilo Di Luca, Mario Cipollini, Marco Pantani, Moreno Argentin and Jan Ulrich, racing bikes, Bianchi is their best bet, along with cycling champion Magician Backstedt, Paris- Roubaix made his historicThe win with white. Whether you're an aspiring champion bicycle or a simple amateur, who wants to be the best product, White is definitely the choice!

Bianchi Road Bikes - Selection of the sample

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