Monday, April 4, 2011

The types of bicycles

Now, before you try to convince you to buy a comfort bike, we must first learn the different types of modern bike in the first place, we begin with a kind of popular movement called Real Road. A road bike is a bike that is usually a very light material such as aluminum. or a new material called Carbon. These wheels are really narrow wheels, because it will be a road bike does not force much of the surfaceOff-road ability. These wheels are generally used in France as a long-distance cycling Tour De. These wheels are also very expensive range, where each of $ 300 to thousands of dollars. So if you are in long distance races as smooth as this is the bike for you.

So what if you get more than one type of "off-road-type" of person are you? Well, like a mountain bike is the choice for you! A mountain bike, as opposed to a road bike is a bit cumbersome. It is based on a rigid structure built forIntensive support for studies and surveys, you can set it through. It has large wheels with good traction, so you can capture every bit of the route. It 's like eating teeth and tearing through the mud so to speak. Wheels as the name suggests, are potential for the mountains, complete with where this is taking so you should bring these bikes can be theirs. Having said that, before reducing drastically their flat surfaces to provide an almost terrible experience on long-haulTravel.


Ok, so what if the distance along the smooth operation of a road bike, but the strength of a mountain bike? Now you have to look into a new type of bike, a hybrid. A hybrid bicycle is a good choice for those who do not choose, but it is also cheaper. It combines the lightweight chassis, with the unwieldy for the production of a mountain bike with a frame weight of medium and medium-sized tires. But unfortunately it has its disadvantages, a hybrid, is characterized neither a road or mountain bike.This means that for whatever you need off-road, long distance riding, the wheel will never be as good as the real thing. But it's up to you and how you want to go. But before you decide to leave me an idea for my next article, my personal favorite bike, a comfort bike.

The types of bicycles

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