Sunday, April 17, 2011

Full suspension vs hardtail mountain bike Mountain Bike - FAQ

I lost count of how many times I've heard questions like he started "What kind of bike should I buy?" and "What is the difference between a full-suspension mountain bike and a hardtail mountain bike?" A type of bicycle is not better than others. The choice between the two should be based on personal preferences of the driver, riding, balance and physical ability. The FAQ below has been compiled to help you, this all-importantChoice.

Question: What are the full suspension bike?
Answer: Also known as dual-suspension mountain bike, these bikes have tires mounted shock absorbers at the front and rear.


Question: What are hardtails?
Answer: Also known as a front suspension only bike or mountain bike shock absorbers have these tires mounted on the front only.

Question: What kind of bike tends to be faster?
Answer: hardtails tend to ride faster and easier than in soft full-suspension mountain bike terrain, because the former is light and stiff tail.

Question: Which bike is better to face obstacles and uneven terrain?
Answer: Because of the shock absorbers in the front and rear full suspension> Bikes Hardtails excel in rough terrain. The suspension, the influence of obstacles and provides better traction transmitted to the ground.

Question: Which bike is better for trails?
Answer: their light weight and easy handling, hardtail mountain bike through better on titles. However, mountain bike suspension to hit this hard-code the hills, which are made ​​of rough diamondsGrounds.

Question: Which bike is easier for the body?
Answer: FS bikes are more comfortable than their colleagues. It causes minimizes the burden on the arms of the drivers' and return because of vibrations and shocks during long trips.

Question: Which is better?
Answer: Hardtail bikes are usually cheaper than full suspension bikes of similar quality.

Now we haveInformation needed to make the right choice. Trailing happy!

Full suspension vs hardtail mountain bike Mountain Bike - FAQ

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