Monday, May 2, 2011

bicycle bicycles and motorcycles

You must be an avid bike just like me!

I'm a fan of bikes ... I do not even remember bicycles, since ... I have a high horse, the thrill of air bubbling, burning tires is just incomparable. The acrid smell of pines tingle your nose as the highway glides beneath your feet. Lined both sides of the Strait of lightning, like a dark picket fence topped with green. Sunlight dances through the treetops drenching the gray-black highwayirregular shapes and patterns. The mountain air is fresh and clean as it pours into the lungs and pull the jacket and pants.


If you like the outdoors, motorcycle is a great way to see the country. You can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you drive on the highway. You have a much stronger feeling of being part of the district, while riding a bike. You can get almost feel and touch the beauty of the flowers along the road, trees and animals.

There are alsoa special feeling of freedom and serenity that roars racing on the highway with the engine power between the legs and the wind comes in the face. This feeling can not be reconciled with any other form of travel.

Motorcycling is not just the landscape and the feeling of freedom. It 'also the people you meet on the road. Cyclists are part of a community of people selected. Invariably wave to one another when they meet along the highway. At rest stops andRestaurants bikers go out of their way to meet and greet one another. How to recognize foreigners who are members of this unique society. They exchange information on the road before, weather conditions and care tips and motorcycles. If a driver fails, some difficulties related to the trip, another rider is almost sure to come and offer help.

There are so many models of motorcycles to find that it becomes difficult to follow their release can onlya ride on each.

bicycle bicycles and motorcycles

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