Sunday, May 29, 2011

BMC Bikes

BMC bikes are a Swiss manufacturer of bicycle, whose high-end racing bikes are very popular and widely used by both professional and amateur riders. The BMC Motorcycle Company was founded in 1986 by an American, Bob Bigelow, and was originally created to build and assemble bikes for large on the Swiss market by the British manufacturer's distribution network Raleigh bike. The license was in 1995, BMC (Bicycle Manufacturing Company) was lost to a CAFFactory in Switzerland. BMC was initially not very successful with the Swiss distributor for a number of models of mountain bikes BMC remain low. Things changed when the direction of current owner Andy Rihs former president and founder of Phonak Hearing Systems Company, control adopted in 2001 and BMC coupled in a new direction in technical and technological innovations with the legendary Swiss precision technology focused.

BMC bike using the new computerPrototype model before building. BMC frames are then subjected to rigorous testing and treatment in conditions of stress with a machine to its limits and BMC Frames hi light areas for possible improvement. and a conscious step towards high-end mountain bikes and road bikes and hybrid market, where they have a meteoric rise and almost immediate. building with its distinctive design road bike and innovations coupled with high quality and precision Swiss made. BMC are really the top enda price match racing wheels and World Order at the top of cycling road. A growing reputation half BMC Bicycles have become a global player in the top-end racing bicycle market. BMC road bikes now range includes BMC TT01 Time Trial Road Bike Model nicknamed the Time Machine.


The frame is entirely BMC TT01 Swiss high precision tolerances with ultra-aerodynamic frame to reduce air resistance, which has a millisecond for tours and time trialsmade to fit the individual profile of the driver program with the precision of BMC personal. The top of the BMC SLC01 Pro Bike Road Race Bike range of BMC with unidirectional carbon fiber material with a patented multi-rigid mold made to the framework and then for some comfort for long trips and road races. BMC SLT01 Bike Race Team. Built for the transfer of power, where every ounce of energy is one in a road race close, with an aluminum frame / carbon topthe carbon chassis has optimized the aluminum bottom bracket.

BMC Bikes

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