Sunday, May 1, 2011

Coppi & Bikes

Coppi bike (Fausto Coppi bikes) are manufactured in Italy and launched in 1967 with a bicycle owned by the parent producer Masciaghi Brothers. When the brothers opened a small business you Masciaghi in Monza, Italy. Masciaghi Moto group rapidly over the next seven years and in 1974 moved to new Brothers Masciaghi motion, larger premises in Cavenago Brianza, Italy. In 1994, Brothers Masciaghi acquired ownership of the Trademark Law with the intention of Fausto CoppiCreating a series of high market prices and road bikes for the Italian and European Road Cycle.

Italian cycke for their style and attention to detail has made them famous and very lively and vibrant domestic market road bike, and therefore leads to competition with higher quality at lower prices. This contributed to a volume seller in the cycles of high qaulity Coppi road from the top of the entry-level models.


Fausto Coppi bikes are a growing andpopular brand of road bike which bears the name of one of the greats of cycling, the Italian Fausto Coppi.

60% of bike sales are now exports Masciaghi Brothers to demonstrate the quality and the growing strength of the mark, in particular, Fausto Coppi Road trademarks Cycle, which is becoming increasingly popular across Europe.

The current range of Fausto Coppi road bike is the top of the range Devine Coppi and has a carbon frame with top DedacciaiItalian components and geometry on a slope. And a dark-Carbon Fork Dedacciai R model is a cycle of roads for heavy riders a very competitive price. Coppi produce bikes for every budget and the next below is followed by the legendary MYTH Coppi Coppi and Coppi Road Storm Cycles. The Diamond Coppi Road Bike has an aluminum-carbon bonds.

Dedacciai a carbon fork and comes with a choice prologue and set the group to record the features built another round of road qualityItalian style and design. Cup is a fast growing brand with a market share of the responsibility of the cycle of market street.

Coppi & Bikes

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