Thursday, December 1, 2011

BMX Dirt Bikes

BMX dirt racing is a very famous sport. For this kind of race ramps are usually constructed. For a successful and a entertaining race, proper planing for the ramps is required. The preferable ramps should be one without stones and shrubs.

For successful BMX dirt racing, you will have to choose the appropriate piece of land where the racing is to take place. Next you will have to carefully construct the ramp. the place where the racer will begin their jump needs to be curved, round and with a flat spot. The jumps must be obstacle free. They should be constructed to suit the specific category of the racers. This may be beginners or professionals.


The starting point, jump direction, and length of the ramp that should be straight, needs to be carefully planned in order to avoid running out of space during a jump. The trees in the racing are do not need to be cut down as they provide good structural support. Leaves and branches should be removed form the pile used to make the ramp. They prevent the ramp from hardening as they decompose. They many cause the ramp to fall flat. Stones also should be avoided, they may look small during the rains but will harden later and may injure the riders.

The final stage in preparing a ramp for BMX dirt racing is careful shaping the ramp by smacking it with the back of the shovel. For this job you will need the flat edge shovel and a spade type shovel. Ensure that the jump is round, and curved without flat spots.

BMX Dirt Bikes

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