Saturday, December 3, 2011

Touring Bikes Guide

A touring bike is a bicycle that allows a cyclist to travel with everything they will need to survive. Things like camping gear and food that a cyclist will need while traveling long distances. Touring began to grow in popularity during the 1970s and 80s before mountain bikes were the next big thing. It waned in popularity but remained around until in recent years where it has begun to become popular again.

A touring bike looks more or less like any other bike. It has a longer top tube to allow for some increased stability that will be necessary after the bike is loaded down with more weight. Most touring bikes also come stock with a lot more options to store water bottles since on a long bike ride you will need a lot a lot of water. The also come with areas you can bolt on luggage racks so you can attach your saddlebags. They often offer these on both the front and rear wheel.


Another main difference between a touring bike and a road bike is a touring bike comes with a wider wheels and tires. Often times they will come with a 27 inch wheel instead of the common size on road race bikes which is a 700 centimeter size. The reason for the wider wheels is that they allow for more stability and traction through all sort of conditions. The reason for the 27 inch wheels is that while 700cm is standard for road bikes, most other bikes use 27 inch and in many small towns and remote areas a 27 inch tube or wheel is going to be all that is available to you.

The luggage racks that work with your saddlebags are removable so you can easily pack them. These racks called panniers, can be filled with anything you need to carry. Often times the cargo load can exceed 30 to 50 pounds and so a touring bike is equipped with a much wider range of gears and a much lower low gear for grinding up long hills with a lot of gear.

Touring Bikes Guide

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