Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Museeuw Bikes

Johan Museeuw is one of the biggest names in the world of classic races of Northern Europe. After winning a number of professional races and a World Championship he retired from his profession as a legend. Now he has been producing his own brand of top class frames and bikes by inputting his very own race experiences.

Museeuw frames are made of high quality carbon fiber and natural flax fiber. They are known for flexibility, weightlessness, and robustness. This fiber is said to be used in the car industry like the BMW and Audi and the aeronautical industry as well. The Museeuw frames are high end race frames that are composed of a combination of high end flax and carbon fibers which are joined by a technique called the twill composite hybrid sandwich technique.


This technique gives excellent shock absorbing qualities that gives comfort to the rider resulting in a good performance. The frames are meant to absorb shocks and vibrations up to 20% than carbon alone. The Museeuw bikes are made by ambitious engineering and excellent craftsmanship, state of the art technological applications that are developed and upgraded at regular periods.

The goal of Museeuw is to produce a complete line of race bikes. Other companies were working with conventional carbon composites but the Museeuw company was the pioneer to use the innovative composite blend by mixing chemical fiber (carbon) with a natural fiber called flax. After the initial conception stage, laboratory research and the ultimate production of this highly specialized material which was performed by IPA - Advanced Composites of Belgium, the Museeuw bikes proved that Flax-Carbon frame absorbs the micro shocks up to 20% better than any conventional carbon fiber frame.

The special Museeuw Flax-Carbon fabric is being produced in Belgium by the Libeco Company, located in Meulebeke. Johan Museeuw continues to be the face and voice of Museeuw bikes. He endorses and gives his personal feedback to each and every design after real life road testing.

The currently redesigned Museeuw bikes 2010 bicycles was launched with the campaign that said "To feel is to believe" which received much universal accolades.

It is truly said on their website that "share the experience of a World Champion, share the experience of a Museeuw Bike".

Museeuw Bikes

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