Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Differences Between Men's Mountain Bikes and Women's Mountain Bikes

When shopping for a mountain bike, it is important to recognize and accommodate the basic anatomical and structural differences of men and women. However, there should be no reason for making a mistake when purchasing a bicycle meant specifically for either. If someone is familiar with the differences, they are in a better position to choose wisely while avoiding a costly error--so important in today's economy.

Men's Mountain Bikes


On a man's bike, the geometry of the framework used is a bit different. It is assumed that the male physique is generally larger than the female physique, and these structural differences make allowances for that. The top tube lobe is longer for the men's bike, while the women's bikes have a comparatively shorter tube lobe. Handlebars are wider to allow for the broader shoulder and upper body structure of men. In addition, saddles on a men's bike tend to be narrower, favoring efficiency over comfort.

Women's Bikes

Women's mountain bikes offer a very different feel as compared to men. They tend to focus a bit more on comfort while making accommodations for a smaller female physique. The top tube length is shorter. The handlebars are narrower to accommodate a narrower shoulder structure. The saddle is a bit wider, making allowances for more comfort and cushion while riding. The changes are not only making it comfortable to ride these bikes but the changes are very much aesthetically pleasing as well. In addition, more colorful choices are usually available on the women's models. Brighter colors and pastels, such as pink, purple, blues, and green, are often favourite choices, therefore the market is usually flooded with many such attractive models.

Major purchase mistakes and effects

When shopping for a bike for a woman, manufacturers may attempt to lure them into certain traps. Before learning the structural differences in the two models, ignorant consumers can be tempted by skillful marketing. Some manufacturers simply give smaller mountain bikes a "girly" look, and brand them as women's mountain bikes. One ought to be careful not being lured by color and size, but to be aware of the specifics while purchasing women's bikes. Major effects of buying the wrong thing include numbness in the hands, back, neck, and shoulder pain, and a very uncomfortable bicycle saddle. The buyer is always encouraged to make sure he purchases the right kind of equipment for the task. Women's mountain bikes are meant only for women.

Differences Between Men's Mountain Bikes and Women's Mountain Bikes

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