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Cannondale Mountain Bikes: Among the Best

Beginning in 1971, the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation was started by a few friends to make backpacks and bags for camping. In 1983 they began to make aluminum bike frames and since the rise in popularity in the early part of the 1990's they have become among the leaders in building not only mountain bikes, but machines for whatever path you want to ride.

You won't find Cannondale at the major one-stop type of store, they are only sold through dealers and are top of the line and made to take the punishment of rugged mountain trails and you can rely on them ride after ride.


Something for All Types of Riders

As there are many different types of trails and terrains, paths and parks, Cannondale makes a machine that will handle whatever your choice is.

The main categories of mountain bikes are:

#1) OverMountain - There are 2 different series' in this category, the Jekyll and the Claymore. Claymore bikes are bad to the bone but lightweight and well-built. These bikes will take a pounding and yet deliver the ultimate in control with the Radical Dyad Tr2 Dual Shock and the Linear to Progressive Leverage Ratio. These features work together to give you a great ride that doesn't get loose and can really handle the bumps. Another great feature is the attitude adjustment for uphill or downhill. Don't you just wish some people came with attitude adjustment! If you're looking for something a little different in over the mountain bikes, there is also the Jekyll series to choose from.

#2) Full Suspension - This category has the RX120 series and the Scalpel series. The Scalpel provides the rider with many different configurations for the suspension so the individual can have that perfect fit just for them. It's considered one of the highest efficiency dual suspensions out there, and with the Zero pivot feature there are no bushings or bearing to wear out or cause looseness in the ride. These are great race performance bikes.

#3) Hardtail - Can you believe a bike can only weigh just over 2 lbs.? Well the Hardtail Flash does, and there's no lighter bike in its class. They use Ballistec Carbon Technology, which is said to provide an awesome stiffness to weight ratio that really stands out. The Hardtail category is rounded out with the Trail SL series. Made for racing, they augmented the seat and chain stays giving it lateral firmness and sucking up the bumps providing a comfortable ride without losing power.

#4) 29'er - These bikes are made for trails with large obstacles. They have larger wheels that go over them with no problem. If you're a novelist this is a good start for you because it has what you need without the extra's that you can do without. For the "old-school" riders, there is the Trail SL 29 3, which starts out as a one speed, but if you like you can add gears real quick and easy by changing the derailleur hanger.

Sizes That Fit Everyone

How many of you out there tried to ride a bike that was too big for you at some point in your life? A lot of hands just went up! Well, people are not all the same sizes and neither are all of Cannondales mountain bikes. No matter where you ride, you need the right size bike to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Also, when you're on the trails, you use up a lot more energy trying to keep your bike upright if it's too big or too small. For that reason, most models of Cannondale bikes offer small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

If you are seriously in to riding the mountain trails or bike parks, Cannondale Mountain Bikes are for you. They have done their homework and created some of the best bikes in the world. So you can spend a little and get a little, or you can spend your money wisely. If you choose to spend wisely, I recommend taking a good look at what Cannondale has to offer.

Cannondale Mountain Bikes: Among the Best

There is plenty of information on Cannondale Mountain Bikes

Cannondale builds many types and sizes of bikes and the Cannondale Jekyll

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