Sunday, November 20, 2011

De Rosa Bikes

De Rosa have been making top end Road Bicycles since the 1950s and are firmly established as one of the worlds premium Road Bike makers. De Rosa bicycles are an Italian based cycle maker the company having been started by Ugo DeRosa in the early 1950s when he opened his first cycle shop specifically for the sale of racing bikes. Ugo DeRosa had a long interest in cycling from an early age being born in 1934 in Milan, Italy. A keen cycle racer from his early years Ugo De Rosa became interested in the mechanics, design and engineering of Road Cycles and after attending technical college and opening his first De Rosa cycle shop in Milan, Italy Started designing and the making of Road Bicycle frames specifically for the high end Road racing elite. In 1958 Ed Rosa had gained such a reputation for his Road Cycle Frames that he was commissioned to build a Racing Bike by the famous Italian cyclist Raphael Germiniani for the upcoming Giro de'Italia. This quickly led to a greater interest in De Rosa Race Cycles from the top teams and riders of the day and by the early 1960s DeRosa Bicycles were common place in the professional cycle peloton in all the worlds great cycle races and cycle tours. The Italian Faema Pro Cycle Team was the first to ride DeRosa made Road Bikes. Other Teams from the 1960s who rode De Rosa cycles include the Tbac Team and Max Majer Team. By the late 1960s De Rosa was being courted by a number of the bigger teams to design and build Racing Bikes culminating in 1973 when the Molteni Cycle Team and its world famous cyclist Eddie Merckx rode De Rosa Bikes.

The Molteni team rode all the Great races including the Tour De France and Milan-San-Remo. This further increased the profile of DeRosa and greatly added to the DeRosa order Books.


DeRosa Bicycles are now one of the highest rated and highest profile producers of Road Cycles and have remained a fixture amongst the Pro Cycle Circuit ever since. Current Top models produced by the excellent DeRosa brand are the DeRosa King

And DeRosa Idol. Both full carbon bikes and the DeRosa Titanio, which as the name implies is made using high quality Titanium.

If your looking for a top quality Road bike with a wealth of history and technical know how and a passion for producing bicycles of the very highest specification utilising cutting edge technology and incorporating style. Then DeRosa cycles are among the very best.

De Rosa Bikes

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