Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cannondale Road Bikes - What Kind of Rider Are You?

It is important to know what type of rider you are before purchasing a new bike. The type of rider you are determines which bike and accessories fit you best. Most road riders fit into one of four groups: cyclocross rider, elite road rider, performance road rider, and the multisport rider.

Cyclocross Road Rider: If you enjoy the fall chill and a mud covered bike, this is you. The cyclocross rider loves the Cannondale Cyclocross series. The frame is light weight and all aluminum, which helps make it a true all purpose bike.


Elite Road Rider: You are an elite road rider if you daydream of riding the best climbing bike all the way to the top of the Tourmalet or racing ahead on a super efficient bike. There are more bikes to choose from in this category, which are the SuperSix, Six, and Caad9.

The SuperSix is constructed entirely of HI-MODulus, unidirectional carbon fiber that delivers a precise and efficient ride when it really counts.

The Six line is the bike of choice for racers world wide. They are full carbon and have the pro-Tour features that the other Elite bikes have.

The last line for the elite rider is the CAAD9 line. It is an aluminum bike that mixes comfort with race winning characteristics.

Performance Road Rider: The performance rider expects high performance with high comfort as well. The recommended bike for this group is the Cannondale Synapse, which is ultra comfortable and has a variety of frame materials and paint jobs to choose from.

Multisport Road Rider: Last but not least, the multisport road rider has Kona to think of. For this group, the Cannondale Slice is the way to go. Its race proven design puts the rider in a lower position allowing minutes to fall off of their best times.

Cannondale Road Bikes - What Kind of Rider Are You?

Now that you have an idea of the type of rider you are, head to my blog to find the full version of this article and the specific models that fit you best. You can view a variety of Cannondale bikes [] and some awesome videos of riders in action on my blog []

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