Friday, November 25, 2011

Quad Bikes - Road Legal Or Off Road?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is about the legalities of Quad Bikes and if the are road legal ready to ride or just off road fun bikes. The difference is this:

Road Legal Quad Bikes -

  • All UK Road Legal Bikes must have a registration certificate or a V5 as it is known. Without a V5 then the vehicle is not suitable for road use and should not be used on a public highway.

  • Not all factory fitted lighting systems will conform with UK MOT standards. This is due to, in most cases, the switching system for side, main and high beam not being available.

  • Standard exhaust systems may not always conform with the harmonic legislation due to the bike being designed for off road use only.

  • On a safety level, some fuel tanks do not comply with UK road regulations. This again is due to the construction of the tank and materials used

  • Should you wish to convert an Off Road machine into a Road Legal Quad Bike it must firstly go through the Ministry test for Homologation & SVA certification.

  • Once the Bike has been tested, it must then be retested every three years by a certified Ministry of Transport Testing Station.

  • The output of the engine for a Quad Bike being used of UK roads should be restricted to 18bhp before being tested for the Homologation & SVA Certificate.

  • To ride one on the UK public highways you should have the UK Standard Car Driving Licence which means you can not drive a Road Legal Quad Bike until you are 17 years old.

  • Road Legal Tyres are required for and Quad Bike to be used on the UK Roads. These can be identified by a small "CE" logo on the outer wall of the tyre.

  • It is not necessary to wear a crash helmet on the road as of the day this article was submitted. This being said, we always recommend that you wear a crash helmet at all times for safety reasons.

  • Some Road Legal Quad Bikes and ATV's are Homologated for use of more than one person. This means that only certain machines can legally carry passengers even though they all have double seats.

  • Once a Quad Bike or ATV has been legally registered for the road, you must then have a public Quad Bike Insurance policy before taking it out.
For your own safety it is always advisable to take the necessary training on how to handle a Quad Bike or ATV. Should you purchase a New or Used Quad Bike or ATV from a recognized dealer in the UK, most of them will advise where you can take lessons and training making sure you are competent before taking your machine on its first trip out.


It is always advisable to take some sort of training. Then, once you have completed the course, you will be far stronger mentally on how to ride and what the legislation is at that time.

Quad Bikes - Road Legal Or Off Road?

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