Monday, November 21, 2011

Cyclocross Road Bikes For Competitive Cyclists

Are you ready to unleash the competitive cyclist in you? Ever been overtaken like you are standing still while riding on the road? I'm sure you must have felt the urge to chase the rider down. But the problem is, your bike just won't go any faster regardless of how much power you put into it.

To be able to ride faster, you soon realize that the only way to do so is to upgrade your bike. At this points, many issues may start to cross your mind. Do you really need a faster bike? What type of terrain are you going to ride the bike on? Traditionally, only 2 options are available. You either go for a mountain bike (upgrade to slick tires for more speed) or a roadie. However, with the industry constantly evolving, you can consider buying a cyclocross bike.


What is a cyclocross bike? And how is it different from a roadie or a mountain bike?

This bike resembles a traditional road bike. However, it is built with a more sturdy and durable setup in order for it to brave tougher terrain. In other words, you can ride a cyclocross road bike on rougher tracks like dirt tracks. Compared to a mountain bike, this bike can go a lot faster. Of course, to achieve a higher level of durability, some speed is lost. That means it won't go as fast as a traditional road bike. But it will easily win a road race if the route consist of some uneven turf.

Besides durability, you also find that the ride is more comfortable.

Cyclocross Road Bikes For Competitive Cyclists

Find out what else you can get out of a cyclocross road bike []. If you have a budget constrain, consider changing the road bike handlebars [] that come with your roadie.

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